Current (2015-2018):

Council Executive Officers 

1. President: Dr Abdullah Al Hajj (KSA)
2. Vice-President: Dr Huda Al Naemi (Qatar)
3. Past President: Mr Ibrahim Duhaini (Lebanon)
4. Secretary-General: Dr Laila Al Balooshi (UAE)
5. Treasurer: Mr Rabih Hammoud (Lebanon)

Committees’ Chairpersons

1. Science: DR Nabaa Naji (Iraq)
2. Publications: Dr Lama Sakhnini (Bahrain)
3. Professional Relations: Mr Ibrahim Duhaini (Lebanon)
4. Education & Training: Mr Nabil Iqeilan (Jordan)
5. Awards & Honors: Dr Hanan Al Dousari (Kuwait)
6. Newsletter and website: Dr Mohammad Hassan Kharita (Syria)


Council Executive Officers (2009-2015)
1. President: Mr. Ibrahim Duhaini (Lebanon)
2. Vice President: Dr. Seyed Mahdavi (Iran)
3. Secretary General: Dr. Ahmad Oteif (KSA)
4. Treasurer: Mr. Adel Mohamad (Bahrain)
5. Past President

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    Please pardon me, I’ve got a question, Am very known to all religions, If you have a causal conversation about religion on a bus, To a individual who was absolute about his belief and than you was given a life, Than lost the only thing ever given and was battered up and down the country and London with it, Than you came to work and was given brain damage, Murdered in the brain, Would you say it’s likely to be the same absolute narrow minded community of belief that has given you brain damage as you was protected from them by the life you was given that was given to the wrong people who battered you with it

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