MEFOMP Elected Candidates for 2015 – 2018:

 A. ExCom Officers:
1.    President:                  Dr Abdullah Al Hajj           KSA
2.    Vice-President:         Dr Huda Al Naemi              Qatar
3.    Past President:         Mr Ibrahim Duhaini            Lebanon
4.    Secretary-General:  Dr Laila Al Balooshi           UAE
5.    Treasurer:                 Mr Rabih Hammoud           Lebanon
B. Chair of the Following Committees:
1. Science:                                Dr Nabaa Naji                      Iraq
2. Publications:                       Dr Lama Sakhnini               Bahrain
3. Professional Relations:      Mr Ibrahim Duhaini            Lebanon
4. Education & Training:       Mr Nabil Iqeilan                  Jordan
5. Awards & Honors:             Dr Hanan Al Dousari          Kuwait
6. Newsletter and Website:  Dr Mohammad Hassan Kharita    Syria
The inauguration of the new Officers took place during the Summit on Radiation for Life for Healthcare Providers that was held in Doha from 5 till 6 April 2015.
Congratulations to all.


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